The CD-Pack offers the advantages of a space-saving and reusable self-service bag and also consumer information and hints of application like a Skin-/Blister Pack.
The CD-Pack looks professional and is unchallenged, it is copyrighted.
Moreover: A very important point, the CD-Pack is not harmful to the environment and recyclable without difficulties.

The plastic-box has an anti-theft device and the consumer information are indicated on the reverse.
The swung-back cover is a handy table stand, suitable to be used at the workplace.

The superbly designed metal-box with shock- and scratchresistant surface coating, with useful hinged mechanism and exact product description and statement of contents is robust and easy to handle.

The bag is the packaging for the professional and industrial consumer with product description, dimension etc.

These packs are made of fully recyclable polypropylene (PP).
The Multi-Pack is a big pack for hammer drills etc. used in industry. It is more favourable than the single pack and due to its rectangular shape easily stackable in the store.
The Square-Pack – a transparent block with suspension eye – was created for the Forstner-, Cylinder Boring Bits etc.
The tube protects high-quality and heavy tools as for example hammer drill bits SDS-max S4 etc.